Nguyễn Hưng Trinh

Sinh năm 1954 tại Ðại Lộc, Quảng Nam trong một gia đình không có ai theo đuổi nghệ thuật. Ham vẽ tranh từ thời tiểu học, anh tự mày mò học vẽ mà không qua một trường lớp nào.

My work, first of all, is about a journey inward.

I don’t like to portray reality. What I prefer to do, by my own artworks, is to look for something I met in a dream, something I found accidentally at the corner of my heart. I try to paint, intuitively, a lyrical feelingor a metaphysical thought. For me, to paint is an attempt to catch up with something that is not only fragile, but also unknown. I discover and create my own soul at the same time. I recognize my innermost being through the colours and the figures on the canvas. Imitating the best known phrase by Descartes, I want to say : “I paint, therefore, I am” The journey inward, therefore, is also a journey inward.

Nguyen Hung Trinh


Arts Works



– Since 1996: full-time artist-painter
– January 2000: “Time of Human Being 1” , Hoang Hau Hotel, Dalat, Viet Nam
– June 2001: “Time of Human Being 2”, Bich Cau Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
– January 2002 : “Timeless Refrain”, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia
– February – March 2002 : “At the Corner”, Gabriel Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
– June 2002 : “Time of Human Being 3”, Tu Do Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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