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It is necessary to select a font that support Unicode to read Vietnamese on your browser. At xuquang.com we use the following unicode fonts for our web pages: Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman. 

The Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman font that comes with Windows98 (2nd edition), WindowsME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP is a Unicode capable font, and it displays Vietnamese character nicely. However, if you use Windows 95, Windows98 you need to download unicode font. 

To download click on >> Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman

For Macintosh user, please visit http://www.hclrss.demon.co.uk/unicode/macbrowsers.html for help

How  to adjust your web browser to read Unicode Web Page

Quick setting:

For Internet Explorer

    * For Internet Explorer 4.x:  Click View >> Fonts >> Universal Alphabet (UTF-8)
     * For Internet Explorer 5.x:  Click View >> Encoding >> Unicode(UTF-8)
Do not select "Auto-Select"

For Netscape

     * For Netscape: 4.7 or later: there are 2 ways
            1. Click Edit >> Preferences >> Appearance-Fonts >> Use document-specified fonts
            2. Click View >> Encoding  >> Auto-select
* Netscape 6.0: Click View >> Character Coding >> Unicode (UTF-8)


Detail Setting:
If you are still unable to read xuQuang.com website, please select more detail setting instruction below:


How to Prints?

There are 3 ways:
     1. HP printer or small printer: use RAW mode
* Click Start >> Setting >> Printers >> select the printer you use to print
            * Properties -> Details -> Spool Setting...:
            * Spool Setting... -> Spool data format:  RAW

        Other Printers:

            * Click Start >> Setting >> Printers >> select the printer you use to print
            * Then Click on File >> Properties >> Fonts tab >> Select button "Always use True Type Fonts"

    2. Click File -> Print -> Properties -> Print Text as Graphics (usually for HP Laserjet Printers) 
Save the HTML page in your hard disk. Then, import into a Word document and print


Read Vietnamese email message written in Unicode

To read Vietnamese in Outlook or Netscape Mail see instruction below:


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