10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

It’s not overstating to say that Da Nang is an all-in-one travel destination. You can go mountain climbing in the morning, enjoy the sea in the afternoon, and party at a bar in the evening. It’s really exciting, but with a packed itinerary, feeling tired is unavoidable.

Let’s check out 10 high-quality spas in Da Nang that offer massage and mud bath services to renew your positive energy and relax to the fullest!

Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa

  • 254 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My, Son Tra | Phone: 0236 3944 954

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Why choose between mud bath and massage when you can experience both? At Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa, you can immerse yourself in pure mineral mud, which helps relieve stress and nourish your skin. The minerals in the mud have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce bone and muscle pain, and are suitable for people who move or exercise frequently at high intensity.

You will soak in a Jacuzzi and detoxify in a steam room before being pampered by experienced massage therapists. At Galina Spa, there are many services for customers to choose from, including neck, head, and shoulder massage, foot massage, Thai-style full-body massage, and traditional Vietnamese massage.

An Spa Sauna & Massage

  • Lot 4 A9.4, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District | Phone: 0888 49 89 89

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Located in Hai Chau District – one of the busiest areas in Da Nang – An Spa Sauna & Massage stands out with its cozy space designed in the style of ancient Champa culture. In addition to traditional massage services, tourists also love the foot massage package combining acupressure techniques from Egypt, China, and India, which helps improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and heal mental injuries.

You can choose a massage service in a shared room or a private room depending on your preference. After indulging your body, recharge your energy with prepared fruit juice, warm tea, and flavorful desserts.

Noah Spa (노아스파) 

  • 21 Pham Van Dong, An Hai Bac, Son Tra | Phone: 091 170 50 00

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

If you are a lover of fragrances, then you definitely cannot miss Noah Spa in Da Nang. The most famous treatments here are Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage and Noah Hot Lava Stone Massage. While natural oil massage helps improve blood circulation and leaves a pleasant scent, hot lava stone massage melts away fatigue and soothes muscles and tendons. Noah Spa also provides massage services for children, so new mothers do not have to worry about taking care of their babies!

Maison Spa

  • 216 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My, Son Tra | Phone: 0236 3928 688

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Located on the 19th floor of the luxurious Belle Maison Parosand Hotel, Maison Spa was ranked second out of 224 health care and spa centers in Da Nang by TripAdvisors. The first impression of this place is the feeling of peace and absolute tranquility. The pleasant scent of Maison, created from the brand’s exclusive formula, is faintly present somewhere. That is also why the Maison Aroma Massage therapy is always a favorite choice of tourists. You should also consider other attractive treatments such as Spa Signature (herbal steam), full-body care, exfoliation, or therapy for feet, head, back, neck, and shoulders. Finally, don’t forget to sip a cup of warm tea to completely relax your body.

Ly’s Spa Hotel & Apartment

  • 110 Tran Bach Dang, Bac My Phu, Ngu Hanh Son | Contact: 090 238 40 15

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

At Ly’s Spa Hotel & Apartment, you can choose one of four packages, including foot massage, regular full-body massage, hot stone full-body massage, and full-body massage with natural oil (or moisturizing cream). Although there are not many “tricks” like other spas in Da Nang, the quality of service here speaks for itself. With traditional massage techniques, experts will help you relax your muscles, loosen your tendons, release negative energy, and be ready for new experiences.

Hoi Quan Dong Y

  •  342 Phan Chau Trinh, Binh Thuan Ward, Hai Chau District | Phone: 0236 3550 359

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Hoi Quan Dong Y applies techniques and knowledge of herbs and traditional medicine to create many in-depth treatments that help regulate blood circulation, relieve stress, and enhance the body’s immune system. Not just a beauty spa, Hoi Quan Dong Y is an ideal destination for those who need to improve their health or simply want to immerse themselves in the pleasant herbal aroma. Once here, you must experience Rong Lua – a more than 2,000-year-old massage therapy – which helps warm the meridians, supports circulation and eliminates the roots of diseases.

La Mer Spa

  • 221 Ho Nghinh, Phuoc My, Son Tra | Phonet: 093 199 20 79

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Herbs and traditional essential oils are the two things that make up the “soul” of La Mer Spa. The combination of natural ingredients and supreme massage techniques will give tourists the most relaxing experience. There are many service packages for you to choose from, such as ginger oil massage (suitable for people with colds), hot stone massage, traditional bamboo therapy, etc. Each massage package will have its own function, so please ask the staff for advice to choose the right one.

Cham Spa & Massage 

  • B2.9, Lot 3, Han Riverside, SunGroup Area, Hoa Xuan Bridge | Tel: (+84) 0511. 6 563 563 – 0511. 221 7777

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Hidden away from the crowded city center, Cham Spa & Massage is nestled beside the poetic Han River. Few people know that this location is designed in the mysterious Champa style and is a place to preserve the Dao Do ethnic group’s herbal bath remedies. This secret recipe has been scientifically proven to be useful for people with joint problems, chronic fatigue, colds, and postpartum health improvement for women.
On chilly days, there is nothing better than soaking in the warm scent of precious Pơ Mu wood in a bath, relaxing to gentle music in a classical and elegant space.

Rendez Vous By Charm Spa & Massage

  • 8 Duong Tu Minh, An Hai Bac, Son Tra | Phone: 091 129 56 76

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Talking about spas in Da Nang without mentioning Rendez Vous By Charm Spa & Massage would be a big mistake. This is a 5-star standard spa located in a building with ancient European architecture. From the herbal aroma, the sound of flowing streams to the refreshing herbal tea flavor, everything here soothes the senses, helping tourists to relax completely. Acupressure massage, Japanese-style full-body therapy, Thai, and Swedish massage are the most prominent services here. If you want to take care of your skin after many days of traveling under the harsh Danang sun, you should choose the Dermalogica treatment, full-body brightening, or thornless dragon bone massage!

Moc Tra Spa

  • 69 Ho Xuan Huong, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son | Phone: 090 316 00 00

10 Reputable Spas In Da Nang For You To Relax and Unwind

Like its name, Moc Tra Spa has a cozy space with a serene brown color, which is very “appetizing” with the faint scent of herbs. In addition to basic treatments such as oil or hot stone massage, Moc Tra Spa also offers herbal skin care services, which help make the skin smoother and brighter. The spa also regularly has attractive promotional programs, making it very suitable for customers who are still students or solo travelers on a budget.

The above are 10 prestigious spas in Da Nang that we have mentioned. Each spa has its own strengths, but overall, they all provide tourists with relaxing and refreshing experiences that are beneficial to their health. Depending on personal preferences, needs, and budget, you can choose one of these spas to enjoy excellent health and beauty care services.

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